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Vintage Friday: Slinky!

Posted by Rosepixie on January 1, 2010

This is an ad for Slinky Toys from the 1960s.

I think this ad is really funny.  I like that they show toys other than the typical slinky coil, but the walking toys somehow don’t look like they work very well (especially on the grass – that scene should have been reconsidered).  The birthday party particularly makes me laugh.  I think it really looks like the toy is about to get tangled up both as it’s being pulled out of the box and as it’s being plopped into the already overfull arms of the little girl!  Since slinkies do get tangled really easily and that’s probably how most of them “died”, that’s another scene that probably should have been reconsidered (or re-shot to avoid those moments).

And then at the end, after the cute jingle ends, all pretense is dropped.  The voice over basically just commands you to go out and buy a slinky because YOU WANT A SLINKY!  It’s not a suggestion, it’s a TRUTH!  SO GO BUY A SLINKY ALREADY!

Subtly is so overrated.


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