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Droid: Do Robots Get Lost?

Posted by Rosepixie on December 20, 2009

I found this ad for Droid cellphones in a men’s magazine and just had to post it.

I love this ad. It made me laugh.

Ok, so can you come up with one example from history of a man being not-lost because he has a robot?  Because I can’t.  I actually can’t come up with all that many people with robots from history (clearly this is a hole in our history that needs remedying so future people don’t have this dilemma).  I can think of hearing about space robots being lost several times, though, so that doesn’t speak well to robots and their not-being-lost powers.

That said, it’s a cute ad.  It does a great job of playing on the idea that robots make things better, or at least more interesting.  And really, it’s just a phone, not a robot in any way at all.  Still, making it sound like you’re buying a robot sounds like it’s way more fun than if it’s just another phone (which, realistically, it pretty much is, even with it’s GPS-like functionality).


One Response to “Droid: Do Robots Get Lost?”

  1. […] the Droid mobile phone.  Previously I’ve looked at ads from this campaign that claimed that history shows robots never get lost and that presented us with a great […]

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