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Assassin’s Creed II

Posted by Rosepixie on December 15, 2009

This is an ad for the videogame Assassin’s Creed II from a men’s magazine.

I actually really like this ad.  It’s visually striking and tells you a fair amount about the videogame without having to use space for descriptive text.  The man in the elaborate renaissance costume tells us that the game is sent during that period and he looks Italian or Spanish, so we can infer that the game likely takes place in one of those places (it is in Italy).  He’s clearly a noble, so obviously you get to assassinate high ranking people, which should be exciting (it’s always harder to kill people with guards) and the blood on the glove suggests you’ve recently stabbed someone else, suggesting the fight is filled with stabbings.

This ad is simple and striking, but it works well for the game.  The man seems surprised, suggesting you sneaked up on him, and scared (which makes sense, given the daggers very near his neck).  I think this is a great ad.  It’s surprisingly subtle for a big title like this and does a great job of giving lots of information without lots of quotes, descriptions or screenshots.  What do you think?

One Response to “Assassin’s Creed II”

  1. Eva said

    I think it’s interesting that they’re actually selling the main character as you. I’m used to seeing video game ads that sell the “lone wolf” main character as a cool third person. In this case they’re going out of their way to put you in the perspective of the assassin, which is totally appropriate given the core plot of the game (the main character is a modern person, forced to relive/control the life of his distant ancestor in the past).

    I like the fact that it works on multiple levels whether you know the game or not. 🙂

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