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Minute Maid

Posted by Rosepixie on December 13, 2009

Previously I posted an ad from Minute Maid’s “Oops, Forgot to Boost” campaign.  Today I have another print ad from that campaign.  I might post a commercial from it in the future as well.

The text reads:

You snooze, you oops.  Boost your energy with the natural power of real fruit juice plus Yerba Mate.  Wake up your best you.  Put good in.  Get good out.

I really wonder about this ad.  It’s very visually arresting – the image definitely makes you stop and look.  The problem is that I don’t think that the image really does what they want it to.  I didn’t even notice the guy in the control center, despite the “arrow” pointing to him.  Consequently, I sat there staring at this wondering why they chose this image, since they are displaying no people and bridges can’t drink juice.

I did notice the guy after a bit, but I’m still wondering how this is an “oops”.  Running into a door and making a fool of yourself but not really causing any damage to yourself or the door, that’s an “oops”.  Causing a large hole to be punched in what is undoubtedly a several million dollar bridge is not a “oops”, it’s justifiable cause for being fired at best, legal action at worst.  It’s definitely bigger than an “oops”, and I’m guessing nobody would say “oh, you forgot to drink juice that morning?  That makes sense, forget it then.”

Sorry, Minute Maid, but this one really doesn’t work.  Try again.


2 Responses to “Minute Maid”

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  2. Eva said

    That’s one hell of a durable sail boat.

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