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Posted by Rosepixie on December 9, 2009

This is an ad for Dentyne that some friends of mine saw in an airport.

The text reads:


Make Face time.

The Original Instant Message.

Friend Request Accepted.

The Original Voicemail.

I think that this is an extremely interesting ad.  It’s linking it’s brand to social media, but also pushing that social media isn’t as good as real, physical contact (which is, of course, facilitated by the brand).

Interestingly, this campaign goes beyond this billboard, too.  Their website’s entry page explains that you have exactly three minutes there, and then it will kick you off because “face time” is way better than being on the internet, and so their website is devoted to helping people make such face time.  Of course, the timer thoughtfully stops running on any page related to their product.  And when the timer does run out, you can request to see one of their pages again, so it doesn’t actually mean much.  Still, it’s a cute idea and shows that the campaign extends beyond just posters and commercials (there’s some cute commercials in this vein too).

I’m not sure that I’m convinced that gum will actually have any kind of real impact on socialization, but I really like this campaign.  It’s cute, well integrated and attention grabbing.  It’s message (beyond the “chew our gum” part) is more positive than that of many other campaigns.  I also liked that it, interestingly, doesn’t even have the person with the gum chewing it in all the ads – sometimes they’re making “friend requests” by offering it to people – so it doesn’t even alienate people who don’t chew gum!

Oh, and they get points for the inspired movie of horrible emoticon deaths on their website.

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