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Wonderful Pistachios

Posted by Rosepixie on December 6, 2009

I can’t remember where I found this ad, but it’s part of a whole campaign for pistachios.

If you don’t remember, Levi Johnston was the guy who got Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter pregnant.  All indications suggest that he’s a pretty big douche.  The black guy with him is his bodyguard (he really does go around with Levi everywhere and protect him).

This ad mostly seemed really stupid to me.  What does it have to do with pistachios?  No clue.  And personally I find this guy kind of repulsive, so that’s not helping your cause either.  There  are several other ads from the same campaign, all with different gimmicks in the same vein.  “Newlyweds do it five times a day”, “dominatrix do it on command”, “beauty queens do it without a clue”, etc.  Many of them are pretty insulting in some way – especially to women.  But it is clear that for some unknown reason the marketing department for pistachios really likes to say “do it”.


One Response to “Wonderful Pistachios”

  1. Eva said

    They also have an incorrect idea of the job that is “dominatrix”, but that sounds like by far the lesser of their crimes. Yuck.

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