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Syms Men’s Suits

Posted by Rosepixie on December 4, 2009

This is an ad that I came across on the internet at some point (I no longer remember where).  It’s for Syms, which is a men’s suit store.

This ad makes it very clear that this guy is a total douche.  He’s rude, treats his date condescendingly, seems to go out of his way to insult her and doesn’t even have enough respect for her to have figured out her name by the end of the evening.  And yet the marketers who made this posit that because he’s wearing the right suit, she’ll invite him up to her apartment for drinks and (implicitly) sex or something along those lines.

Right.  Because women are so stupid, shallow, and desperate that they’ll sleep with a guy who has literally just spent a couple of hours treating them like they’re worthless just because he’s in a nice suit?  Seriously?

I’m insulted enough that even if I were to see a good ad campaign from this company, I still don’t think I’d ever patronize one of their stores.  This is exactly the kind of ad that really pisses me off.  Just because a guy cleans up nicely doesn’t mean I’ll sleep with him even if he treats me like dirt!  It doesn’t work that way!  And the women who do have standards that low, aren’t the kind to point out to the guy what a douche he is before inviting him up!

I’m sorry, but the marketers who made this one need a swift kick to the head and some better training in being humans.


3 Responses to “Syms Men’s Suits”

  1. Margaret Collord said

    Thank you for sharing your opinion on this commercial. Please rest assured that is was not meant to be offensive to anyone. The series of ads were designed to convey the message that if a guy cares enough to present himself well, then he can make a few mistakes and still receive the benefit of a second chance. We felt that the “date” version of this commercial conveyed the woman in control of the situation and as confident enough to see the potential in him even though they’ve gotten off to a poor start. However, you raise an interesting perspective that we did not see in the reactions of our test groups prior to filming.

    We will take your comments under advisement for this campaign as well as for the future. We really do appreciate you taking the time and effort to share your thoughts, and we value your opinion.

    Regards, Margaret Collord

    Margaret Collord, VP Marketing & Advertising SYMS

    • Eva said

      That’s a nice thought Ms. Collord, but I seriously doubt that anyone creates an ad with the intent of being offensive to their viewers. Intentions don’t change whether an ad is offensive or not, and yours is. Implying that a suit is going to compel women to want to have sex with someone, in spite of the fact that he is treating them with disrespect and downright cruelty is not a way of showing confidant or “in control” women. It’s a way of showing women as sexual objects who can be compelled into bed with your product.

      I’d also like to point out that how a man “presents himself” has a heck of a lot more to it than what suit he wears. If he’s going to behave like an arrogant jerk and make no attempt to apologize for his actions he’s presenting himself damn poorly. Appearance may get you that first date, but it won’t will make up for a lack of social graces, kindness, or respect for others.

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