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Only Gold

Posted by Rosepixie on December 3, 2009

This is an ad for gold jewelry from a women’s magazine.  I really haven’t found any jewelry ads in men’s magazines, although many are to be found in women’s magazines.

The gold bars on each page read:

Only Gold

Only Gold is treasured

Only Gold radiates warmth

Only Gold is divine

I’m guessing from the images that this ad wants women to buy themselves gold jewelry (unlike many of the diamond ads, which are urging women to expect their partners to buy it for them).  But somehow this doesn’t make me want to buy jewelry.  It makes me wonder why the women require the jewelry to be treasured, radiate warmth and feel divine.  Each one is wearing an awful lot of jewelry, yet these concepts aren’t especially tied to such baubles.  In fact, “warmth” isn’t something I associate with jewelry at all (I actually usually expect metal things to be cold on my skin when I put them on).

I guess I’m just a little baffled by this ad.  I like that it’s got a woman by herself and two women together in what appears to be friendship as opposed to picturing only heterosexual romantic relationships, but I’m still not sure that it gets me to really think about buying gold jewelry.

Does gold really need it’s own ad campaign, anyway?  I mean, it’s still got to be one of the most commonly bought types of jewelry, right?

Regardless, I don’t think this is an especially bad ad, but it’s not really a good ad either, which means it’s just kind of there.  And that doesn’t help anyone.

2 Responses to “Only Gold”

  1. Eva said

    “Only bad photoshop” is what that middle ad said to me. 😉 I did like the ad with the two women sitting together. It’s a relaxing change from constantly selling jewelry with the promise of sex.

    • Rosepixie said

      It does have some Photoshop issues! The backgrounds bothered me on both of the first two because they both feel very badly tacked on, but now that you mention that middle image I noticed that the jewelry looks added in weirdly too. Not good.

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