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Vintage Friday: Nainsook

Posted by Rosepixie on November 27, 2009

This is another ad from 1934.  This time it’s for men’s underwear (we’ve had enough women’s, I thought it was the men’s turn).

This ad is from the same catalog as the corset ads that I’ve posted before, but the tone is so different!  Those are all about how the corsets feel and how they will make your life better, this is all about how the nainsooks are “government standard” and strong!  I love the little illustration of the two men trying to tear the nainsook apart!

This ad made me laugh, but I’m also quite certain that it worked.  It hits all the right notes for the time.  Now I think you’d have a hard time selling something called a “nainsook” to men in America no matter what strategy you went with.

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