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Axe: Magic Skin Comic

Posted by Rosepixie on November 25, 2009

This is an ad for Axe Skin Contact Sensative Shower Gel that I’ve seen a couple of times in men’s magazines.

The text reads:


Guy thoughts: Axe Skin Contact Sensitive Shower Gel

Guy thoughts: …my skin… …it’s somehow… …transforming!

Woman: All done? Now I’m gonna get ready…

ZZZ-ZAP! The moment of truth!


Woman thoughts: His skin… …can’t stop… …touching!

Make your skin irresistible to touch

And cue laughter because this scenario is so incredibly unlikely except in the world where marketers frolic in the rainbow-dappled meadows with pink ponies all day.  And yet for some reason, many of Axe’s ad campaigns seem to hinge on the idea that if your skin or your hair is just perfect, girls will attack you (but only hot girls, because only hot girls exist in Happy Marketer Land).  And the girl isn’t just touching him because she likes how his skin feels, she’s literally compelled to touch him by some force she can’t identify.  She can’t help herself!


One Response to “Axe: Magic Skin Comic”

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