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Movie Monday: Barbie and the Three Musketeers

Posted by Rosepixie on November 23, 2009

This is a trailer for Barbie’s newest movie, Barbie and the Three Musketeers.

So, every time I see a trailer for a Barbie movie I cringe and think it’s going to be awful, but every time I see one of the movies it turns out to actually be pretty good.  This is the most cringe-worthy trailer yet, but given Barbie’s track record, I’m not going to rule out the movie based on that.

That said, she *clearly* needs a new marketing team for her movies.  How is this a “princess” movie at all?  And what’s with the Charlie’s Angels pose with fans, ribbons and a bow?  Come on!  These are the three musketeers!  They use swords!  All that great footage where the women are on horseback with SWORDS and practicing SWORDPLAY and stuff, that’s GREAT!  That’s what makes this movie look appealing!  The voice over about princesses and girl power makes it sound just stupid!

I think it’s awesome they pulled a classic story that wasn’t about a pretty, pretty princess for a change.  And I think it’s fantastic that having the main characters all be women makes it a heavily “girl power” movie.  But sell the movie on that basis, not on the “oooh, princesses with girl power!” basis, because all of Barbie’s movies have been about princesses with girl power.  This pitch makes this look the same as every other Barbie movie, when in fact they’ve all been very different from each other and very different from this one!

Yeah, your audience is largely four to six year olds, but they can still follow a trailer made up of movie clips with the sound from those clips.  They don’t need a stupid voice over.  The people making the movies seem to respect their audience, so maybe the marketing department needs to try that for a change too.  Then maybe I wouldn’t go into every Barbie movie thinking it’s going to be awful only be incredibly surprised (and feel stupid for feeling surprised about it again) when it’s actually really good.  And maybe some of those parents who won’t buy the movies because they are sold as pink princess fluff would give them a chance.

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