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Calvin Klein: Sexy and Normal Underwear

Posted by Rosepixie on November 19, 2009

This is an ad for Calvin Klein underwear and was found in a men’s magazine.

I’m not sure what to say about this ad, but something about it bothered me when I came across it.  Maybe it’s the pose or the models’ expressions.  Maybe it’s the fact that the woman is dressed in fancy underwear while the guy is wearing simple, normal underwear.  Maybe it’s just the high heels.  Whatever it is, it kind of creeps me out to look at.

Since I’m still sick, I’m afraid that’s all the analysis you get on this one.  Anyone else have any thoughts?


2 Responses to “Calvin Klein: Sexy and Normal Underwear”

  1. Eva said

    Who takes off all their clothes but continues wearing their heals? That part is rather creepy.

    In the ad’s defense, I’ve never met a man who wore “sexy” underwear under normal clothing. At least the guy is attractive in proportion to the woman. I do think he’s also being sold as a sex object here, albeit a bit less forcefully than she is.

  2. Brian said

    What exactly defines sexy underwear for a man? He is wearing seriously low-rise Calvin Klein brand semi-see through trunks. That’s about as sexy as it gets for men’s underwear — at least according to underwear makers like Calvin Klein.

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