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Revisiting Las Vegas: Stupid Made Up Holidays

Posted by Rosepixie on November 14, 2009

This is a recent commercial for Las Vegas.  I can’t remember where I first saw it.

I’m sure that this ad (or the concept for it, maybe?) seemed riotously funny when it was proposed in the marketing meeting for the Las Vegas tourism department, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually funny and should have been made.  How much money was wasted on this stupid thing, anyway?

The problem is, not only does it make no sense whatsoever and pretty much fail to actually be entertaining, but it goes on way too long and by the time it gets to the end, no one really cares any more what it’s an ad for.  This tells me nothing about Vegas and has lost me by the time you mention the city, so… that pretty much marks it as failing in every way to actually advertise Las Vegas.

Come on, advertising for Las Vegas should be easy!  Easy!  So why do they keep churning out stupid things like this and the wholly irresponsible piece of garbage I already talked about here?

2 Responses to “Revisiting Las Vegas: Stupid Made Up Holidays”

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  2. Eva said

    I found this ad kind of amusing because the actors out in the workplace scene were so straight faced. I mean it wasn’t roll on the floor funny, but I was chuckling. Possibly it’s also partly because I find small puppets with swords flying around a bar funny… oh well, everyone has different taste in humor, I guess.

    They have another ad with a woman stocking groceries who makes up some other holiday that seemed much less funny. She was much more obviously lying, which kind of ruined the joke for me.

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