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Vintage Friday: I.C.S.

Posted by Rosepixie on November 13, 2009

This is an ad for I.C.S. (International Correspondence Schools) and it was found in a comic book from the 1960s.

(Click on the images for full size versions)

The pink box on the first page reads:

Did you know that high school graduates earn (on the average) $80,000 more over a lifetime than non-graduates?  They’re also first in line for promotions.  And when men are being laid off, high school grads usually stay on the job.  Think of what this means to you… to your loved ones!

If you missed getting your high school diploma… get it now.  Through spare-time study with International Correspondence Schools, the world’s oldest and largest home study institution.  Take only the subjects you need to get your diploma.  You’ll receive personalized guidance from your I.C.S. instructor.  And you’ll find your I.C.S. High School diploma is widely respected by government, employers and educators.

Don’t put it off any longer.  Mark and mail the coupon.  I.C.S. will send you three FREE booklets that will show you how easy it is.  Take the first step… mail the coupon right now!

The coupon has different high school options (basically courses with an eye towards different careers) and an option for women (because clearly women, who fall under WICS, need special courses).

The other side of the ad is a long list of specific courses that I.C.S. offered.  In the 1960s, they had some very different options from what they have today.  Some of my favorites were the Textiles group, which includes carding, spinning, weaving, textile designing, and textile technologies, the Pulp and Paper group, which is all paper making, and the course under leadership entitled “Modern Woman as a Supervisor”.

I think this is a particularly cool ad just because it does show how much things have changed.  The degrees I.C.S. now offers (because they are still, indeed, in business) are more focused on white-collar jobs like business, law, education and psychology.  There’s a lot of business courses listed in this ad from the 1960s, but there’s also courses on things like plumbing, different mechanic specialties, production jobs and more engineer and design kinds of things.  Clearly there’s been a shift in what careers people are looking for and looking to extend their education in.


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