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Dragon Age: This is the New Shit

Posted by Rosepixie on November 12, 2009

This was one of the earliest trailers released for the new game Dragon Age.  It’s possibly not safe for work.

The trailers got much better after this, thank goodness.  But this is pretty bad.  This has been dubbed the “Sex and Violence” trailer (for fairly obvious reasons).

The game itself is nothing like this, and that’s really what makes this such a horrid ad.  It’s a fairly slow paced, thoughtful RPG in the vein of Balder’s Gate and Mass Effect.  You spend the majority of your time talking to people, strategically planning battles (button mashing doesn’t work in this one, you have to direct your group where to go and who to attack and such), solving puzzles and figuring out what’s going on.  You can have sex, but you have to work for it, building relationships with people and such.

But the ad says “this is the new shit”!  Unfortunately, I think this ad is targeting a group who either isn’t going to care about Dragon Age or would have found it anyway while managing to alienate some of the people who would be most interested in their game.  This was a very poor marketing move.  I can appreciate wanting to reach a new group, but trying to do it by disguising the game as something it’s not and by alienating a player base you already have is a very bad idea.  Thankfully, their later ads were much more on target.

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