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KGB: Objectification and Creepy Strangers

Posted by Rosepixie on November 5, 2009

This is an ad for a text message question answering service called KGB (I’ve never heard of them either).  I found it on a blog.


Ok, so to start with, this service has a dumb name.  The KGB is a Russian spy organization, guys, not a crappy phone-based search engine.  I’m pretty sure James Bond wasn’t trysting with sexy PR reps from a company that runs a service to help people cheat on exams.

Beyond that, the commercial is horrible.  The girl is basically a walking ad.  Even her bra has the company’s logo on it (WTF?).   And then the guys are dumb enough to take the “wear the strangers outfit” bet, which is creepy and weird no matter how you read it.  Even if she is a hot girl and you are absolutely certain you’re right, tell me that a stranger walking up to you and offering to strip down and give you their clothes if you’re wrong about an arguement they aren’t even part of isn’t really creepy and weird.  And then there’s the totally unnecessary “mostly naked girl” shot at the end with the girl refusing the “towel” (although I’m not sure you can call a scrap of cloth that’s maybe eight inches square a “towel” in this situation).

This does not give me faith in your search service, guys.  It makes me think you’re creepy and need some psychological help.  And maybe a library card (or access to a search engine!).


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