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Happy Halloween: Sexy Dog Costumes!

Posted by Rosepixie on October 31, 2009

Clearly, what everyone really wanted for Halloween was matching sexy costumes for themselves and their dogs!  It’s a good thing that Spoiled Rotten Doggies was there to help us all out with that!

Some of their awesome options:

The Queens of Hearts:

Queen of Hearts Costumes

Candy Corn Witches:

Candy Corn Witch Costumes

Treasure Hunting Pirates:

Treasure Hunting Pirate Costumes

And possibly the most disturbing, Sexy Puppy School Girl:

School Puppy Costume

And… yeah.  I’m not even going to do a commentary on this one.  I will quote from SheFinds, however:

Can something be dressed up in a slut costume if it usually walks around naked?


One Response to “Happy Halloween: Sexy Dog Costumes!”

  1. V. said

    OK. I love how angry the dogs look. “IF I COULD BITE YOU, I WOULD.”

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