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Norton: Chicken vs. Dokken

Posted by Rosepixie on October 27, 2009

These are two commercials for Norton anti-virus software.  I saw the “deny” version while watching a show on Hulu and was amused and went looking for it to highlight on this blog.  In searching for it, I also found the “allow” version, so I thought I’d share both.

I am normally not terribly impressed with software commercials.  They are usually pretty useless and leave me wondering what the software is and why I should care (and sometimes what just happened in the commercial).  These commercials didn’t suffer from either of those problems.  They have a fun narrative and show very clearly what their product is and why I should care about it.  I think the “deny” version works a little better than the “allow” version as a solo piece, but they work best together.

Whoever came up with this did a great job.  It’s hilarious and fun to watch.  Somehow it hits all the right notes.  Even the chicken with the switch-blade, which could so easily have come off as stupid, works really well!  Having had personal experience with Norton, this doesn’t make me want to buy their software.  If I wasn’t personally acquainted with them already (and thereby somewhat suspicious of their anti-virus software), though, this would totally make me think about what kind of protection my computer had and consider one of their products to improve it.  Since I’m not likely to buy their software, I’ll just enjoy these totally awesome commercials!


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