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Dove: Really Pro-Age!

Posted by Rosepixie on October 25, 2009

This is an ad for Dove’s Pro-Age line of products and it was evidently banned in the US for showing too much skin (although I’m guessing that if the women had been younger that never would have happened).

I actually really like this ad.  It’s tastefully done and the women in, while still obviously styled and everything, actually have wrinkles and age spots and all the natural, normal signs of having lived to be old enough to have grandchildren be retired.  The products this advertises actually do seem to celebrate this as well.  They promise to be gentle and to help “get rid of dead surface cells” on skin, but they say nothing about removing wrinkles or improving “elasticity” nor do they use any of the other weird anti-aging buzz-words.

This ad actually feels like it is genuinely trying to say that it’s ok to both look and be old.  That’s pretty contrary to nearly everything else the beauty industry says.  I’m impressed.  It’s clearly trying to sell products, but it’s doing it in a respectful, tasteful way that actually seems to mean what it says.  This is an ad about aging that isn’t telling me, at age 28, that I should already be trying to prevent wrinkles.  I felt like it was telling me to go ahead and live my life and not worry about it because I’ll still be beautiful in forty, fifty, sixty years.  And that is a message that I really appreciate getting.

I’m disappointed that this ad isn’t on the air.  It’s by far one of the best ads I’ve ever seen from the beauty industry and I think it does a great job of conveying a message that women don’t hear the vast majority of the time.  Some seem never to have heard it at all.  This is a message that deserves to be heard and I’m impressed that Dove managed to convey it so effectively.  Thank you, Dove!


One Response to “Dove: Really Pro-Age!”

  1. berraz said

    I like it too 🙂 thanks for posting it!

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