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Vintage Friday: 1950s Skating with Coca-Cola

Posted by Rosepixie on October 23, 2009

This is an ad from the 1950s that invokes nostalgia to sell Coca-Cola.

I totally get what this ad is trying to do and I think that it does a pretty good job of creating the “old fashioned” feel that it’s going for.  The picture on the wall that the ad starts with, the couples with skates, the guy in the sweater talking about how skating has been popular for generations, it all works together great.  And I assume this was made to run during the winter, so I guess I see why they would choose to go with this theme.

But I grew up doing this kind of winter activity and I can’t remember anyone ever coming in from skating, sledding or any other outdoor winter activity and asking for something “ice cold” to drink!  When you’re doing something fun in the snow and ice, you come in because it’s either gotten too cold or too dark, at which point you need to warm up.  For this, the ideal thing is to sit by a fireplace with hot chocolate or mulled wine or some other hot drink and sip slowly and just enjoy the warmth seeping through your body.  You don’t want more cold!

So while I actually do think this is a good commercial, it made me laugh because the first part made me want hot chocolate, not a cold soda!

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