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Wilkinson Sword: Mow the Lawn

Posted by Rosepixie on October 21, 2009

This is a British commercial for Wilkinson Sword Quattro razors for women that a friend of mine sent me a while back.

To begin with, they get points for a catchy jingle!  And the women doing garden work in cute outfits with serious looking, albeit pink, tools is both entertaining and interesting.  It manages to blend the ultra-feminine image that is the bread and butter of the beauty industry with a kind of empowering view of women who are capable and independent.  That said, I have to wonder who really, honestly expects women to believe that all they need to do to cheer themselves up when they feel down is shave their bikini area.  Seriously?  There are a lot of ways they could have tried to sell this razor and even a lot of ways they could have tried to sell the idea of shaving pubic hair, so why choose one that makes so little sense?  Talk about how it is supposed to make a woman feel beautiful or how bare skin feels great or something.  Why sell a task that many women find annoying, frustrating or even scary (and a great many don’t think about at all, because they don’t do it) as something to do when you need to be cheered up?  You eat chocolate, watch a favorite movie, cuddle with a pet or smell flowers to cheer up, you don’t shave.

Still, it’s an impressive commercial and the jingle is catchy!  It just doesn’t make me want to buy a razor, it makes me want to pick flowers!

4 Responses to “Wilkinson Sword: Mow the Lawn”

  1. Eva said

    On one hand I find the ad hilarious and well executed. On the other hand… I was kind of hearing, “OMG we can’t actually talk about lady-bits! the horror!” *sigh*

    • Rosepixie said

      Yeah, I got that impression too. And the American ad didn’t even have the words. It just had women walking by topiaries that magically got trimmed as they walked by. Talk about skirting the subject!

  2. Kathleen said

    I disagree; many women (including me) are cheered up by going through a more-thorough-than-usual beauty regimen on days they feel gross and down. While the shaving part isn’t necessarily the most fun, the end result is a feeling of attractiveness and refreshment. So I can see it.

    • Rosepixie said

      I can believe that. I think it’s just that shaving doesn’t seem like the part of that regimen that I imagine most women look forward to. But that’s a very good point that I hadn’t really thought about – it can be just part of a bigger ritual. Thank you for mentioning that, since I hadn’t thought of it!

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