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Snackpicks: Highlights of a Stereotyped Life

Posted by Rosepixie on October 17, 2009

This is a “trailer” for a series of web-movies advertising Kellogg Snackpicks.  It was brought to my attention by my brother-in-law (thanks!).

This movie makes a big deal about this being the highlights of this woman’s life (like football highlights, which are always the significant or news-making parts of the game).  It even says “this is Kate Carson’s life,” as if this encompasses all that makes up her life.  All we see her doing, however, is packing snacks for a football game, cooking, and planning how she’s going to “take down” another woman (implicitly, another mom) because… she packs better snacks?  Or something?  That part isn’t clear.  What is clear is that we’re supposed to see this woman as The Mom.  Her name and anything in her life that doesn’t have to do with packing lunches is basically irrelevant.  Now, I agree that being a mom is a super important job and making sure your family is fed well can be very rewarding.  But doesn’t it seem like it’s just a little unfair to say that packing lunches (with mostly pre-packaged stuff) is the highlight of this woman’s life?  That strikes me as kinda sad.  Doesn’t she spend time playing with her kids or doing something rewarding for herself or enjoying her husband’s company or accomplishing a personal goal?  Who is she besides the person who throws stuff into a cooler?  And, honestly, what’s wrong with her husband that he can’t do that too?  Or are we just so old-fashioned here that we can’t even imagine that it might be his job to feed the kids too?  I guess it just felt depressing to me, not energizing or funny and it certainly didn’t make me want to buy any of the snack foods in the ad.  It made me want to stay away from any company that believes that the highlight of my life after having kids might be to pack coolers with snacks.


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