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Vintage Friday: Perfectred Shoes

Posted by Rosepixie on October 16, 2009

This is an ad for children’s shoes from a 1934 catalog by National (a mail-order company).

Shoes 3

The text reads:


Designed on nature’s own lines…


Don’t take chances.  Buy only shoes that will let tiny feet to grow properly…

Buy “Prefectreds”

The Best is none too good for your children.

The shoes are pretty cute and I like the decorative border with cute kids, but I have to wonder what magic design it is that makes these shoes “let tiny feet grow properly” while other shoes do not, and what horrible thing will happen if you wear something else!  I also think it’s interesting how these shoes almost look like they could go on either feet!  That’s generally not a good thing in shoes.  It also might just be the artist rendering that makes them appear that way, though.

One Response to “Vintage Friday: Perfectred Shoes”

  1. Pai said

    I think it’s referring to the fact the shoes have a wide front. You can often see in many women’s feet who have worn narrow (fashionable) shoes for many years tend to get squished-together, deformed toes. Perhaps these shoes were saying they are not so narrow that they’ll make a girl’s toes grow squished-in like narrower shoes.

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