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Clinique: As Uncomfortable as High Heels?

Posted by Rosepixie on October 14, 2009

This is an ad for Clinique lipstick that was found in a fashion magazine.

Clinique 1The text reads:

High on colour, long on comfort.

New High Impace Lip Color SPF15 wears beautifully for 8 hours.  And lips enjoy every minute.  In 20 highly moisturizing shades that continually smooth, soften, comfort.  Protect from UVA/UVB, too.  Have it all.

I only just noticed that this ad uses the British spelling of “colour” even though it was in an American magazine.  Anyhow, this ad caught my attention because the juxtaposition of that high heeled shoe (and that is one very high heel, probably three full inches) with the phrase “long on comfort” made me laugh out loud.  Shoes like that aren’t comfortable, they’re very bad for your feet.  While there are people who have worn very high heels so long that it’s uncomfortable or even painful for them to wear anything else, they are not only in the minority, but they have come to that point because wearing the shoes has done serious physical damage to them.  High heels may be sexy and not even necessarily uncomfortable, but shoes like that aren’t likely to be what comes to mind for most people when you say “long on comfort”.  Personally, I think of slippers (or, even better, bare feet).  I think that the shoe works for “high on colour”, but it actively makes me disbelieve the claims about comfort.  It makes me wonder if the people behind the product really understand what comfort is.  That’s not a good marketing move.  Sexy is a good angle with lipstick, but telling me that it’s as comfortable as those shoes is probably not the best way to get me to buy it.


One Response to “Clinique: As Uncomfortable as High Heels?”

  1. Alan said

    I read this as juxtaposing the two? They’re both high “on” color, but only one is long on comfort. That it looks like an exceptionally high heel (possibly exaggerated by the angle of the photograph) seems to emphasize the difference. Of course, if that was their intention, if a significant portion of their population will react with “As (un)comfortable as high heels!?” then they’ve failed miserably to convey their message.

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