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Duplo Toys: Options?

Posted by Rosepixie on October 13, 2009

This is a very interactive banner ad for Duplo that I encountered on a blog.

The ad as you see it before you interact with it:

Lego Duplo 1a

Once you move your mouse over the image, it opens up and you see this:

Lego Duplo 1b

You click on one of the little check boxes and the next question automatically loads.  It looks the same (except for the words boy or girl and the pronouns) for both genders:

Lego Duplo 1c

Again, you click on one of the check boxes and automatically get the next question, which looks the same no matter what:

Lego Duplo 1k

A third time you click a check box and a new question loads, looking the same no matter what:

Lego Duplo 1e

Now you pick a color and see this screen ( the blocks keep getting added and when they are all the way across, the next screen appears):

Lego Duplo 1f

Finally, you get your results!  Now, in theory, there should be 32 possible results because there are 32 different combinations of answers.  That does seem like a lot to ask from a banner ad, but you’d still expect a fair number of possibilities, given the amount of customization concerning the child, right?

Here are all of the possible results:

All combinations including the “3 Years or Under” option get this result, regardless of what other information is given:

Lego Duplo 1g

Combinations with “Over 3 Years” and a favorite color of “Red” or “Yellow” gets this result:

Lego Duplo 1h

And combinations with “Over 3 Years” and favorite colors of “Blue” or “Green” gets this result:

Lego Duplo 1i

And that’s it.  Those are all of the possible results.  I noticed that most of the toys pictured throughout the questions were not in the results (unless there’s a horse on that school bus and a bridge for the fire truck to save or something).

This seems like it could be a really cool piece of marketing – answer a few simple questions and get some cute toy ideas, but it kind of fails.  First of all, the results often didn’t even feel like they were related to the information that was input.  For example, why is the recommendation for a “soft spoken” little kid who likes yellow a bright red fire truck?  Duplo makes a pretty wide variety of toys, it seems like it should have been possible to do this kind of ad without it falling flat like this one did.   I love the idea of this ad (especially going into the holiday season), but this one just really felt disappointing.  Even if the end result was a “click here to see your results” link that took you to an appropriate page of the Duplo website with suggestions, that would be better.  That could be more customized and have more varied and actually customized results.  This just felt like someone had a good idea and then gave up before fully implementing it, and that’s disappointing.


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