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Movie Monday: Bright Star

Posted by Rosepixie on October 12, 2009

This is a banner ad for Bright Star that I saw on a blog.

Bright Star 1

The box on the right half of the ad played a trailer for the movie if you clicked on it where I originally found it (this is just a screenshot of what it looked like before you clicked on it, so the trailer doesn’t work).

This movie is set in the early 1800s and tells the story of the poet Keats and the girl he fell in love with.  It is most definitely a British period piece.  The women are in Jane Austen era gowns and bonnets and there is at least one dancing scene.  Interestingly, that is not obvious at all from this ad.  In fact, Keats almost looks like he’s wearing a button-down shirt and sweater-vest.  It doesn’t necessarily look like a romantic comedy, but the image doesn’t really evoke Regency gowns and breeches either.  The book in the frozen trailer image doesn’t look like it’s necessarily historical either.  It doesn’t look like the latest Dan Brown, but it still could be a book you might see in a more modern movie (especially if one of the characters is into poetry or something, since it totally looks like it could be the frontispiece of a modern poetry collection).  The movie looks interesting, but I do wonder who decided on the almost deceptive ad campaign.  Even the tagline, “first love burns brightest”, gives nothing away.  I really could see someone seeing this image on a poster outside a theater and going in to see the movie with no idea they were going to a period piece about real people.  And maybe that was the point in the first place.


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