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Californication: He’s Easy

Posted by Rosepixie on October 11, 2009

This is an ad for the television show Californication and it was found in a men’s magazine.

Californication 1The text reads:

Meet Professor Hank Moody.

He’s easy.

Obviously this show would go for sex appeal and objectification in it’s ads.  With a name like that, it would almost seem weird if they didn’t.  What does seem weird is that while the text is referring to the guy, Hank Moody, as “easy” (usually a phrased used to describe a woman), he’s not objectified at all here, only the women around him are.  Now, perhaps we’re supposed to be seeing the world sort of as he does (this was found in a men’s magazine, after all, so that seems like it might be a reasonable assumption).  That explains the female-only objectification, but the phrase “he’s easy” still seems odd.  I’ve just never heard the phrase used in this way to refer to a guy.  It’s used to refer to women all the time, but “he’s easy” is usually only part of a phrase not referencing sex (i.e. “he’s easy on the eyes”).  Clearly it gets their point across here, but I do wonder what made them decide to go with that specific phrase.  It had to have been a deliberate, considered choice.  It seems too unusual not to have been.

Incidentally, I also found it interesting that primarily this ad is objectifying women’s legs.  We can only see one butt, one set of breasts, but four pairs of attractive legs in cute shoes.  Also, interestingly, although there is a black girl and we can see most of her body, it is her breasts we see and the butt in the shot belongs to a white girl.  I’m thinking they were definitely going primarily for legs in this shot and really weren’t thinking about the rest of it (other than making sure that we couldn’t see any of the women’s heads).

2 Responses to “Californication: He’s Easy”

  1. Jennifer said

    I suspect his profession had a lot to do with it. He’s a sex addict, hence that version of “easy.” But he’s also a Professor…so his class could be “easy.” It’s the double-entendre they’re going for. Makes total sense to me why they picked that phrase. (I swear I double checked before I posted…you didn’t refer to this, did you? I’m surprised.)

  2. Joe said

    I’ve seen the show. It is all about how Duchovney’s character is a manslut and how it doesn’t make him happy. “he’s easy” was a definite choice for the ad. Not seeing the womens’ faces also fits with his character. He doesn’t remember most of the women he’s slept with and that contributes to his problems.

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