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Boost Mobile: Get a Girl!

Posted by Rosepixie on October 10, 2009

This is an ad for Boost Mobil and it was found in a men’s magazine.

Boost Mobile 1

I’m not going to transcribe all the text on this one.  The important part is the images.

I get what they’re trying to do here by getting the viewer to say “hey, for $50 I could get that hot girl!”, but I don’t think this actually works.  See, this is for a phone, and while I’m perfectly willing to believe that some people are dumb enough to believe that they’ll attract hot girls just by wearing the right scent or something, I have trouble believing that anyone thinks you’ll get a hot girl just from a phone.  That’s kind of weird (of course, I thought the girl-turning-into-a-cat thing was weird, too, and clearly somebody thought that would sell razors).

So, the idea that you can buy a girl for $50 is pretty insulting.  Women aren’t property and shouldn’t be treated as such, even in ads.

That said, this woman is up against a pretty long list of things.  Basically you can apparently get a phone/woman or a pretty awesome guy’s night (assuming you are into this kind of thing) complete with pizza and buffalo wings delivered to your door, videogames where you fight zombies, beer, and tickets to movies with cheerleaders in them.  That doesn’t seem like a balanced column.  I’d pick a fun night (especially when that list involves at least one thing that I get to keep well beyond the one night – the videogames) over a phone with a $50 monthly charge and few notable features to speak of (what phone doesn’t have a camera these days?).

Basically, I think this ad fails on multiple levels.  Not only is it incredibly insulting, but it’s also kind of dumb since I’m not convinced their choices are as “no-brainer” as they’d like them to be.


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