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Amino Skin Care: Oh No! I Lost Years of My Life!

Posted by Rosepixie on October 7, 2009

This is a banner ad for Amino Skin Care and I encountered it on a news website.

AminoGenesis 1

There are two things about this ad that make me laugh.  First, the woman is exactly the same in the two pictures.  She’s just smiling in the second one, has brushed her hair and her skin color has been changed.  She doesn’t even have fewer wrinkles (she didn’t have that many in the first picture).  They look like they were taken around the same time, and if they weren’t it doesn’t exactly show me that their skin care system does anything.  Incidentally, I’d also like to point out to whatever marketing genius did this that from April to May is one month, not two.

The other thing about this one that made me laugh was the way it’s phrased.  While it may be desirable to look younger, it is not really desirable to actually lose years from your life (remember the torture device from The Princess Bride?).  So, even if I wanted to appear 13 years younger, or even be 13 years younger, I’m fairly certain that I don’t want to lose the years I’ve lived to do it.  How would you pick which years?  And would it affect everyone else?  Would your kids be 13 years younger, too?  And if not, isn’t that a little weird?  See how this quickly gets into creepy territory?  Words are important!

3 Responses to “Amino Skin Care: Oh No! I Lost Years of My Life!”

  1. Kathleen said

    What’s funny to me is 13 seems a pretty specific number. How do you quantify “perception of age” to figure out she looks exactly 13 years younger?

    Anyway, the only difference I can see between the pictures is lighting. I can do that too! Yay, fun with cameras!

  2. Rosepixie said

    I wondered about the number too. My guess is that it’s more about looking 40 again than about the number 13, it just didn’t come across that way in the ad. This is clearly not a well thought-out ad.

  3. Joe said

    To me, “lost 13 years” sounds more like she spent 13 years in prison.

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