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Hershey’s Contest: Win a Two-Week Rental

Posted by Rosepixie on October 6, 2009

This is a contest from Hershey’s Bliss.  I saw the Facebook ad and was confused by the language, so I checked out the website, only to discover it really was that weird.

The Facebook ad I first saw:

Hersheys 1

This is the front page of the contest website:

Hersheys 2

(click for full size)

So the deal is that you can enter on the website and the prizes are varying amounts of chocolate, copies of the book The Necklace, and a two-week rental of a diamond necklace, which five people can win.  And the two-week windows are already assigned, so if the special event you wanted the necklace for doesn’t fit into that schedule, well, too bad.  But that’s the whole point, you’re supposed to wear the necklace to a special event and it will somehow change your life.  And then you’re supposed to blog about it for them.  They have a blog on the website with stories from women who have already worn the necklace and had their lives changed by it and the point is to add your magical story to that.

I guess what bothers me about this is both the fact that they are offering the chance to rent something, like it’s a rarity, when renting jewelry is actually pretty easy to do these days, and the fact that they’re making it sound like this is some magic piece of jewelry that will ensure you an incredible, life changing experience.  It’s just a necklace.  It’s not even a particularly special necklace with an interesting history or from an interesting maker, nor is it especially pretty or unique.  It’s not ugly or anything.  I mean, as ostentatious diamond necklaces go, it’s not bad at all, but it’s kind of boring.  If you’re going to have to win the right to wear something, wouldn’t you want it to be something interesting, like a necklace worn by a first lady or a queen or Coco Chanel or something?  This just isn’t very interesting.  And the website just makes me feel like they’re trying to remind you of a Tiffany’s box, which is confusing.  Otherwise the site is patronizing, boring and confusing to find your way around.  Not good site design or good marketing.

Mostly, I just think this contest is poorly thought out.  It could be cool, but it falls far short of that.


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