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Movie Monday: Bride Wars

Posted by Rosepixie on October 5, 2009

This is the trailer for Bride Wars.

Ok… so… where to even start on this one…

Well, to begin with it starts out like it’s going to be a movie about a lesbian wedding, which is kind of interesting.  And weird, considering that’s not even remotely what this is.  And then you quickly get into creepy-ville.  Even when the women are getting along at the beginning, the movie is kind of offensive.  Not only is there the whole “the wedding is the most important moment in your WHOLE LIFE” feeling about the whole thing, but clearly the men are pretty much irrelevant here.  I mean, they could be marrying ducks as far as this movie seems to care, as long as they have Tiffany’s rings and the ceremony is at the Plaza.

And then the planner messes up.  She says “your weddings have been booked on the same day.”  Ok, well, who booked them that way?  Oh, yeah, YOU.  Admit some culpability here and apologize, Ms. Wedding Planner, because you seem really unprofessional when you make it sound like the magic invisible wedding elves somehow got things mixed up and it had nothing to do with you.  But of course, the brides don’t notice this.  They’re too busy throwing a lifetime of friendship out the window and trying to sabotage each other’s weddings in really childish and, frankly, stupid ways.  And, again, the grooms are nowhere to be seen (which is probably good, since apparently they’re stupid anyway, as the friend Anne Hathaway’s character runs to with her orange skin problem points out as she subtly calls Anne ugly).

Now, maybe this movie isn’t just a pile of commercialism and “ha ha, women are so stupid and catty” jokes, but the trailer gives no indication or even  hope of that being the case.  This trailer did more to steer me away from this movie than make me interested.  And I usually like wedding movies!


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