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Jeweler’s Workshop: Because Women Love Jewelry, Right?

Posted by Rosepixie on October 4, 2009

This is a poster for Jeweler’s Workshop, a custom jewelery shop, that a friend of mine took a picture of in a movie theater.

Jewelers Workshop 1The text reads:

Last night she asked about her THIGHS and you waited a SPLIT SECOND too long to reply.

This should fix it.

Jeweler’s Workshop

Jewelry she’ll never forget

I’m not sure why “thighs” is the biggest word in this ad (and is even featured more prominently than the piece of jewelry).  This ad definitely reinforces a lot of really negative images.

First: women are really obsessed with their appearance.

Second: They are also irrational and will get furious with you just for taking too long to answer a question.

Third: They are flighty and will forgive you for making them mad if you give them presents.

Fourth: The shinier the present, the more likely you are to be forgiven.

Fifth: Men don’t actually really even need to know why a woman is upset or talk to her about it, they just need to give her presents and it will be all better.

Sixth: Jewelry is something men buy for women.  Period.  Women don’t buy it for themselves and no one buys it for men.

I see few jewelry ads that I don’t hate, but this one is particularly bad.  Somehow this one manages to be offensive to both men and women at the same time!  This was not a well thought-out ad at all.

One Response to “Jeweler’s Workshop: Because Women Love Jewelry, Right?”

  1. Eva said

    “Jewelers Workshop, We managed to be more offensive than Jared!” 😛

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