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Kingory: Game or “Adult Entertainment”?

Posted by Rosepixie on September 29, 2009

This is a banner ad for Kingory that was found on a website for shortening URLs.

Kingory 1

This ad appears to be for some kind of porn game, doesn’t it?  The line “come play me” particularly bothers me.  It’s selling the girl, not the game, and people aren’t products (no matter what the ad agency seems to believe).  Even weirder, the game (which claims to be the “most-played web game”, but is not one I’ve ever heard of, which strikes me as suspicious) is a war strategy game with what appears to be building, resource management and troop disbursement.  This game does not appear to have anything to do with sex or even women.  Now, the Evony ads are rather notorious for using breasts to sell a civilization building game, but they at least don’t say “come play me“, just “start your journey now, my lord” and “save your lover”.  This seems somehow worse to me, since it’s actively implying that you get to “play” or control a woman.  I don’t know.  It just creeped me out.  Anyone else have thoughts on this one?

Edit: Here’s another version of this ad (this one doesn’t even give the title of the game).  Best of all, this one was found in an article about racist ads (not featured in the article, but as the ad breaking up the article).

Kingory 2


2 Responses to “Kingory: Game or “Adult Entertainment”?”

  1. matt said

    I’m pretty sure Kingory is pulling the same thing… perhaps it’s the same game rebranded.

  2. Rosepixie said

    It’s not the same game as Evony, but clearly they have the same idea in marketing. I mentioned Evony in the post, actually, but didn’t go into much detail about their ads since I’m considering doing a future post on them and the recent parodies of their ads.

    This one actually bothered me more than the Evony ads, since those just feature lots of cleavage and make hints, but this says “come play me”, which is much more creepy in my opinion.

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