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Movie Monday: Where The Wild Things Are

Posted by Rosepixie on September 28, 2009

These are two posters for the movie Where the Wild Things Are.

Where the Wild Things Are 1Where the Wild Things Are 2

I really like the first poster, but as visually appealing as the second poster is, I don’t think it works as well.  The first poster is well done on so many levels.  It’s visually appealing, it works with the tagline (“there’s one in all of us”) by showing both the Wild Thing and the kid letting out a great Wild-Thing-esque scream, and it recalls the book by having the Wild Thing both too big for the poster and almost an illusion (did the whole thing really happen, or was it in the boy’s imagination?).  That’s a lot to ask from one poster, but this one does it really well.  And everything about it is unmistakably Where the Wild Things Are, from the wolf suit and crown to the look of the Wild Thing himself.

The second poster is very attractive with it’s feeling of openness, but I don’t think it works as well.  While I like the idea of the Wild Thing peeking out from behind one of the trees (which really do call Sendak’s illustrations to mind nicely), it’s too cute a composition.  Wild Things aren’t supposed to be “cute”, they’re supposed to be wild and swinging from branches!  Somehow this just didn’t work in execution.  It also doesn’t match the tagline at all, or at least not obviously like the first poster did.  This one doesn’t get me excited like the first poster did.  Interested, maybe, but not excited at all.  Which is too bad, since if anything, Where the Wild Things Are is exciting!

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