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Hermes: Yak Saddles!

Posted by Rosepixie on September 24, 2009

This ad was found in a fashion magazine and is for Hermes, a brand that makes clothing, household items and various random fashionable things.

Hermes 1aHermes 1b

Hermes 1cHermes 1d

(click on the images for full size)

The text reads:


An Indian Winter

This ad makes me laugh.  I love the yaks in high-fashion saddles.  Who thought up this ad?  Seriously, it is just so weird!  It makes me wonder if you can really buy a yak saddle from Hermes.  And if you can, why do they make such a thing?  There can’t possibly be that much demand for overpriced, fancy yak saddles!  I mean, it’s pretty, but it’s for a yak, not an thoroughbred horse!  Even the one in the ad doesn’t look especially cooperative (of course, it’s probably wondering what kind of idiot tries to lead a yak around in the snowy mountains wearing a cashmere skirt and high-heels).  I like this ad, though.  It’s quirky and strange in kind of a fun way.  It makes absolutely no sense, but it’s fun to look at!


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