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Philips: Exercise, with Electronics?

Posted by Rosepixie on September 23, 2009

This is one of a series of banner ads that I’ve seen recently on news websites and blogs for Philips, which is an electronics manufacturer.

Philips 1Philips makes electronics, like TVs and electric razors and cordless phones and Ultrasound machines.  Not time or, as far as I can tell, really anything that has to do with exercise (they don’t have a section of treadmills or anything like that on their website).  So what this ad has to do with their company, I really don’t know.  And it’s just one of a whole series like it!  Some suggest that taking breaks at work is important.  Well, yeah, but what does that have to do with Philips?  Some just say things equivalent to “health is a good thing to have”, which seems equally weird.  Now, it’s possible this is all simply supposed to somehow cause consumers to equate Philips with health, which puts the company in a good light, but this is a weird way of trying to do that.  I mean, the ads don’t even tell you what Philips is!  I just don’t get it and mostly it made me think Philips needs to rethink their marketing as it’s largely making them look confused, which does not make me want to buy one of their products.


4 Responses to “Philips: Exercise, with Electronics?”

  1. Kathleen said

    It’s a public relations campaign. Those don’t always have anything to do with the company’s product, but if a name brand is big and recognizable enough (as Phillips is) they can get away with picking a random cause and throwing their might behind it. I think it’s cool that Phillips is doing this.

  2. Rosepixie said

    I think I’d like the campaign better if it had some direction or maybe a definite market, but it doesn’t seem to. Other than the ads all having to do with health, they seem entirely unrelated. Some are aimed at employers, others have nothing to do with work, some have a real point to make, while others (like the one above) kinda don’t. It just feels random and directionless. That combined with the fact that it’s not tied to anything well makes it feel even more random and odd. So I’m not opposed to the idea, I just think that the execution is very poor.

  3. Eva said

    This is very much related to things that Phillips makes. They have a whole line of health care related products and the point of the campaign is probably to get the public to associate them with health care (and to get folks in health care to think of them more).

    The fact that you had no idea they were even in this market suggests that they do need this campaign (although from your reaction they might need to be a bit more obvious in their ads).

  4. Rosepixie said

    I did know they made products for the health care industry, but that is definitely not who these ads are aimed at. They have very little in the way of health care products for the regular consumer market. They have nothing related to the kind of exercise this ad refers to or to anything that would pertain to employee health issues (taking breaks on time, etc.). I’m also not encountering these on health websites, just on regular news websites. I doubt they really expect me to buy an MRI machine from them, so why market their health care products in the regular market? This doesn’t seem related to that line at all. So I did know they made such products, but this ad campaign doesn’t seem to be related. I think that Kathleen is more right when she suggested they’re just getting behind a cause because they’re big enough to do so.

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