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Pantene: Beautiful Storytelling

Posted by Rosepixie on September 22, 2009

This is a Korean ad for Pantene hair care products and I found it by accident on YouTube.  Just to warn you, it’s four minutes long, but it’s very well worth watching.

So putting aside the fact that you can’t actually play like that on a taped-together violin, this is a masterful piece of storytelling.  It’s touching and beautiful, the acting is amazing and wonderfully subtle.  I was totally impressed by every bit of it.  If it weren’t for the girl’s hair being so focused on during her performance (and being so shiny and soft and bouncy! like in every other hair commercial), I wouldn’t have even thought this was a commercial until the logo at the end.  It’s absolutely wonderful storytelling.  I have no idea what any of it has to do with hair care products, but the tagline “you can shine” did work at the end of that story.  As an ad for Pantene, I’m not sure this works, but as a mini-movie I think it’s fantastic and I really enjoyed watching it.


2 Responses to “Pantene: Beautiful Storytelling”

  1. Wow.

    A more cynical view would be that it’s shamelessly manipulative. But it works. At least it works as an exceptionally well crafted story, as it didn’t make we want to buy any Pantene. 🙂

  2. Rosepixie said

    Yeah, but it totally didn’t make me even interested in Pantene. In fact, at the end when it said it was a commercial for hair care products, I was sort of disappointed. So that’s why I’m inclined to say it’s not shamelessly manipulative (even if it was trying to be). It has to at least kind of work to be called that. Instead, it tells a great story and then randomly attaches a product name to the end for no apparent reason.

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