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AccuQuote: My Fair Godmother?

Posted by Rosepixie on September 17, 2009

This is a banner ad that I’ve seen in all sorts of places online.  It’s for AccuQuote, which is an insurance company.

AccuQuote 1

So, the funny thing about this banner is why it caught my eye.  I noticed it because of the fairy.  I have no idea how long I’ve been seeing this ad, but I started noticing it while I was reading the book My Fair Godmother.  Check out the cover, below, and you’ll see why.


Other than the fact that the book cover fairy has pink hair while the banner ad fairy is blond, it’s the same image!  Even the house roof is the same!  This isn’t actually a good parallel for AccuQuote, either, since the fairy this represents in the book is awful at granting wishes and pretty much makes the lives of everyone she meets miserable.  Not that I was looking for life insurance anyway, but if I was, I wouldn’t buy it from a place with a fairy who messes everything up and has a chronic problem with listening as the star of their ads!

4 Responses to “AccuQuote: My Fair Godmother?”

  1. Kathleen said

    Both the book cover artist and the AccuQuote graphic designer took that image from a stock photography library. It’s not really fair to blame the designer for not knowing in what other contexts that picture was being used.

  2. Rosepixie said

    Oh, I’m not blaming them. I understand that it’s stock art. I’m just pointing out that this is one of the major dangers of using stock art. Where you see images and what connections you make from them do affect what you think when you see them. So my associating that fairy image with a totally incompetent fairy is bad for AccuQuote if they’re trying to make a favorable impression on me, as a potential customer (which I must assume is their intention). Basically, I think using stock art is generally a bad idea because the likelihood of things like this happening is higher than companies seem to realize (considering how many “look-alike” books there are out there using the same stock images).

  3. Denise said

    Thanks for your comments about our ad and pointing out that a book is using the same ad that can actually hurt our brand rather than help it. We will be re-evaluating this ad based on your comments. Thanks for taking the time to point this out.

  4. […] about the cover of the book, which I don’t think does the book justice. Rosiepixie over at An ad a day points out that the same stock art is being used for an insurance ad, but regardless of where else […]

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