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Giada’s Family Dinners: Tasting as You Go

Posted by Rosepixie on September 16, 2009

This is a book cover that I came across frequently while working at a bookstore.  It’s from Giada’s Family Dinners, a cookbook with Italian-inspired recipes designed to be made for family meals.

Giadas Family Dinners 1

Usually I don’t care much about cookbook covers.  They generally either show people cooking or perfectly picturesque food arranged to five-star restaurant presentation standards.  I think this cover is great, though.  It immediately stood out to me, even though I really don’t care much about Giada de Laurentiis (and only vaguely knew that she was some kind of TV-famous chef the first time I saw one of her books).  I love that she’s tasting the food as she’s cooking with her fingers.  It’s not something we see Great Chefs do (probably because it’s not really restaurant-kitchen-sanitary), but it is something that I’ve seen most of the real people in my life do.  My mother did it, my grandmother did it, my friends who cook and my husband and I all do it.  It feels familiar and homey – perfect for a “family dinners” cookbook.  And she looks like she’s having fun, which is awesome.  It makes me want to bake cookies or make spaghetti!  I don’t own this book, so I guess it didn’t work well enough to make me buy the book, but I did debate it several times while I worked at the bookstore both for myself and as gifts for people.  In the end, I tend to stick with cookbooks I know.  Still, it’s a brilliant cover!


4 Responses to “Giada’s Family Dinners: Tasting as You Go”

  1. Kathleen said

    This seems pretty typical of Giada. I really don’t like her show because I always get this sense of “look at how much fun I’m having eating and drinking with my friends and you’re not invited!” but I think she does it to show how “accessible” and everyday her cooking style is. This cover shot is another way for her to do that, as well as show of her patented big, freakily perfect grin.

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