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Vintage Friday: Change “Water” to “Ooze”!

Posted by Rosepixie on September 11, 2009

This half-page ad was found in a comic book from probably sometime in the 1960s.

Mad Scientist Lab 1The text reads:

The Mad Mad Scientist Laboratory

Over 100 Ghostly Ghoulish Experiments

Mystifying kit of experiments developed by our ancient scientific colleague chained to wall in the basement.  But just before we had to lock him up we forced him to write down hi most secret processes which mystified and chilled us.  Now you can learn them too and amaze your friends and family.  Look at just some of the over 100 experiments!

– Instant Ooze – Change “Water” to “Red Ooze”

– Instant Anti-Ooze – Change “Red Ooze” back to “Water”

– Make Monster Milk

– Make Ghoulish Green Blobs

– Color Escape

– Mysterious Freeze

– and many, many more

Here are some of the exclusive ingredients: Moon Powder, Witches Brew, Ghoul Globules, Skeleton Powder, Mummy Crystals, Rainbow potion, Love Dust, Monsters Murk, etc.  And you get all the screwy apparatus you need.  Be the first evil genius on your block!  Get to know that bad black magic that can set you off from ordinary people!  Its the new in thing!

Money Back Guarantee

You will love it.  The Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist Lab. comes complete with easy to follow instructions.  Nothing else is needed, and its guaranteed.  You  must be thrilled (and chilled) or you can return it for a full purchase price refund.

I almost don’t think that this ad needs any comment, since it’s wackiness kind of speaks for itself.  My favorite part of this ad is that “water” is in quotation marks, which makes me wonder if it really is water that you’re using or if it’s some clear chemical that you’re supposed to say is water.  I mean, clearly this is intended for performance art, not actual scientific experimentation.  And really, that’s the most disappointing part, since it claims to be, essentially, a chemistry set and is actually little more than a themed magic set.  But it only costs $2.98 plus 35 cents for postage and handling, so I suppose you can’t really ask that much of it, can you?


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