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Debt Bailout: So You Can Buy Baby Skis!

Posted by Rosepixie on September 6, 2009

This ad was found along the sidebar on Facebook.
Debt Bailout 1

This ad just makes me laugh!  It makes absolutely no sense.  The picture is pretty silly anyway, but why someone chose to use it for a debt bailout ad I have no idea.  What I thought of when I saw this was “Mom, you need to get rid of your debt so that you can buy me fun skis!”  And then there’s the image of the baby skiing down the hill because it’s mom was responsible and got rid of her debts!  See, it’s hard not to laugh at it!


3 Responses to “Debt Bailout: So You Can Buy Baby Skis!”

  1. Kathleen said

    I’m thinking it’s random stock photography that amused the designer, who figured it might catch someone else’s eye too. Not really good design, but it seemed to work.

  2. Eva said

    All responsible moms buy skis instead of diapers! 😀

  3. Brian said

    The majority of ads on Facebook are what I would consider fraudulent. After seeing one too many ad for “get your stimulus dollars now”, I gave up with maintaining my own adblocking rules and I just started using AdblockPlus and EasyList and EasyPrivacy. I now see basically no ads online.

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