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Gillette Fusion: Turning Women to Cats?

Posted by Rosepixie on September 1, 2009

This is a three part ad that was found in a men’s magazine.  The three parts appeared on consecutive right-hand pages.  The first two strips each appeared along the outside edge of the pages while the third part was a full-page ad.  The placement and images make it clear that they are meant to be taken as a unit, so they are presented here in the order they appeared in the magazine.

Gillette Fusion 1 Gillette Fusion 2 Gillette Fusion 3

The text reads:

Panel 1 – Did you know body grooming can provoke unusual female reactions?  BrAun

Panel 2 – Do you have what it takes to make her purr?  BrAun

Panel 3 – top: Striking body looks (Reactions guaranteed) bottom: with Gillette Fusion Shaving Technology – Get the body look you want.  The world’s only body groomer with a powered trimmer to efficiently trim body hair and a Gillette Fusion blade for smooth, clean shaving results.  Even under the shower.  Reactions guaranteed.  (url) BrAun bodycruZer

So… the message here appears to be that if you shave your chest (with this particular razor), you will have the power to turn women into cats.  My favorite part of this one is that it says twice that reactions are guaranteed!  What does that even mean?  They can guarantee that using their razor will turn women into cats?  Seriously?  That’s some pretty amazing razor and I’m in awe that no one is studying it’s magical transmogrifying powers!  Assuming they aren’t promising that their razor can actually transform women into cat-people, what reactions are they promising?


4 Responses to “Gillette Fusion: Turning Women to Cats?”

  1. The Braun Gillette Fusion: It will totally let you score with furries.

    Although, isn’t your average furry looking for for men with more fur, not less?

    Also, in the third image she looks more like she’s trying out for the part of the Big Bad Wolf in a production of Into the Woods.

  2. Kathleen said

    Oh no! She’s been attacked by carnival face-painters! And some scary-ass press-on nails.

  3. Brian said

    It looks like the cat transform was entirely in software and not done with costume or a new photo. Also of note is that the guy looking to the left is just a Photoshop flip of the photo of him looking to the right (look at the button flap at his waist).

  4. Eva said

    That’s some excellent stupidity in that ad… wow.

    In answer to Alan, the only permutation I can think of that makes any sense is that one or both of them are these:

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